Hi, I’m Andreea Musat

I’m glad to see you here! I guess you liked something you’ve seen or read on this site and wanted to know more.

Well…this is me, with IR filter (ethereal vision). I like photography, poetry, music and I also like to travel. I might be advancing music, and poetry as means of journeying from one place to another, and photography as a way to remember and share all the beauty seen on the way.

My natural state is one of contemplation and I feel that I simply have to be creative in order to maintain some sort of equilibrium between the thinking mind and the loving heart. Or is it the thinking heart and the loving mind?! 🙂


Poem by Margaret Atwood:

Eating fire

is your ambition

to swallow the flame down

take it into your mouth

and shoot it forth, a short or an incandescent

tongue, a word

exploding from you in gold, crimson

unrolling in a brilliant scroll

To be lit up from within

vein by vein

To be the sun