Maritime Harmonization

The Sea in November is like nothing else you’ll ever attend
Gazing into the vastness
soon you recognize it’s yourself who’s becoming to expand
When the Sea splashes stillness
and tenderness.

The Black Sea, November 2017

Balance of renewed guarantees support to those in expansion.

The Black Sea, November 2017

Subject for Experimental


Until Then is Now

Love at first sight!

Enjoy a new visual language, constructed worlds that speak to issues and concerns using light, shadow, and color to tell the stories of Heidi Clapp-Temple

She often utilizes her visually appealing style to draw the viewer in for a look at the sometimes complicated and darker aspects of life. Her current work involves a combination of photography and various fine art processes.The first part of her creative process is the creation of tabletops sets for the camera. She makes drawings which she cuts from paper and then adds multiple types of papers, glass, and various objects to the sets. In her studio she puts a sheet of white paper in front of the sets and illuminates them from behind to create scenes seen through the white paper. Working with shadow, light, silhouettes, and reflections she creates a final composition that she photographs.” 

Come Back
©Heidi Clapp-Temple, Come Back
©Heidi Clapp-Temple, Dress Your Age
©Heidi Clapp-Temple, Emptiest House
©Heidi Clapp-Temple, Fountain of Youth
©Heidi Clapp-Temple, Retrospect



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All The Unseen Forces

The beautiful artist Polina Washington in her own words:

“Bloom” is about colors and forms, about the subtle matters that surround us. It is about feelings. I believe that we “see” only the tiniest part of the whole world—we are not taught to see “deeper.” All the unseen forces—their vibrations and energies—affect us and our lives. Tuning into these forces is a necessity if we want to be a part of the world.

—P.W, multiple exposure series