These Anemones, Their Song Is Made Up As They Float Along


poem by Laurence Wieder

In 1954, in June

I saw a total eclipse of the sun by the moon.

I saw the flowers fold up, the birds

Stopped singing to the morning, the grass

Grew wet, and it was dark.

I was awake, but when I was awake

A while longer I woke up and said

“I have slept until now”, and now

I have stopped sleeping altogether

The total solar eclipse of 18 July 1860, drawing by G. Tempel
The total solar eclipse of 18 July 1860, drawing by G. Tempel

courtesy of Paris Review



poem by Rita Dove

The sky is not a glass of anything;
it winks, it’s a parable,
the kind your mother told whenever
you’d been “wicked”—intense
but vague. The night sky swerves
to its seat, the show begins:

The Pleiades:
Seven zeros make zero—that’s what
we are. Seven opportunities
to drown in, seven ways out—
don’t look too hard, we’ll blur.
There’s more of us than meets
the eye, a spreading rash
on the shoulder of a stubborn man.
Taken apart, we’re nothing
but fire and air.

Take it away! This is somebody else’s
nightmare. Can I be blamed
for wanting more? How else
stay young? My daughter, helpless,
outshines me in her willingness to serve.
Let her embrace her strong young man
and go. I’m chained to my chair.

This crag’s an adamant bed
but I’m grateful, grateful, at least
for my fingers, squirmed free of cuffs,
which heft the smaller stones to smash
the sea. Brave shining face above
your butterfly horse, descend
and fight like a man. Take me
and I’ll be your lover, slave, diviner,
as you wish. This
is what’s known as being
between a rock and a hard place.


Another Galactic Wonder

The Super Galactic Center (ZS)

Within the galaxy M-87 there is a powerful black hole who devours everything in sight…That is called The Super Galactic Center and it resides in this Galaxy that has the mass of 30 trillion Suns.

A photograph taken in 1918 of M-87, revealed a luminous spike emitted from the core of the galaxy. Later, a counter-jet was discovered. The X-Ray jets reveal the last energetic hurrah of matter compressing into nonexistence as it prepares to enter the void of the Super Galactic Center.

The Super Galactic Center once held the title of the only Super-Massive Black Hole. With the discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope, many other supermassive black holes have come to light. However, the Super Galactic Center is the prevailing, dominant force in the supermassive arena.

A 400 by 900 light-year mosaic of images located about 26,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius.

The largest known black holes, ZS, gravitationally organizes more than thirty galaxies, ours included, at the cost of cannibalizing all of them. Contained in this congregation structure lie 3 trillion stars and over ten thousand globular clusters, all captive to the infinite gravity, time dilation and violent energy eruptions of this central influence!

This early cosmic vacuum cleaner remains insatiably hungry. The axis of acceptance and approval takes on infinitesimal proportions. Yes, you guessed it right, The Super Galactic Center is in charge with transmissions regarding the relationship field. Any kind of relationships, any kind of deal or agreement from now or from some other distant time.


Those contacting the Super-Galactic Center contain a super-massive hunger. They need and need and need. They quest for the perfect relationship as if it is the Holy Grail… and to them it is. Still,  nothing that exists can successfully fill that open space. Anything entering is either destroyed, at worst, or at best, transmuted. This consumption continues until finally, the person figures out that no one or no thing can ever fill the emptiness felt inside.

This black hole asks that you perceive your own energy and fuse it with your physical-cellular structure. This is soul mating. The Super-Galactic Center maintains the greatest implication of soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. It demands that you get back in there and deal with yourself in an essential manner. It is essential that you do so. It is also unavoidable. It will happen. The only question is when? The ZS ego knows that with the soul intact, he/she can relate to anyone of like spirit.

Time warps in all directions.

Imagine what you would be if you were all that you really are.



Galactic Wonder

Have you ever wondered what is going on with the Galactic Center? What does it really mean and most relevant…what does it mean to you?

Well…Imagine that our Solar System spirals and pinwheels its way about the powerful Center of the Galaxy. The Sun maintains the same relationship to the Galactic Center as the Earth does to the Sun. The Sun revolves around the Galactic Core taking roughly 240 million years to accomplish the task. This is a time period far beyond our human comprehension. Some 30,000 light years from the center and slightly south of the Galactic equator, our Sun resides in between the two arms of the galaxy, the Perseus Arm and the Sagittarius Arm. To view the Galactic Center, we must look through the Sagittarius Arm, also known as the Southern Stream. This stream contains a proliferation of galactic players such as stars, pulsars and the like.

Imagini pentru galactic center

Keck 1 and Keck 2 pointing at the center of the Milky Way or Galactic Center. Ethan Tweedie Photography

Alright…The Galactic Center recently received verification that it contains a black hole as its center. The resulting energy squeeze emits a wide array of powerful radiation, most notably infrared (IFR) in this instance. This Infrared energy pressures the subconscious mind, providing the release of learned behavior and memories, both negative and positive, all in the interest of moving forward.

Imagini pentru galactic center

                    Mysterious G2 Cloud Near Black Hole Identified, WM Keck Observatory

The energetic crowding process pushes out mentally/emotionally stored data to clear space for new information to enter both the conscious and subconscious minds. Often the information released does not follow a sequential pattern. Holes are left in one’s data field. Access time to known information and stored memory increases. So periodically, it becomes time to rearrange life’s data and re-pack it. We are living NOW such a time of reboot.

Imagine similară

ATLASGAL Survey of Milky Way

The Galactic Center information is ready to be acknowledged, only one clear thought-feeling away. The Galactic Center radiates brilliant insight to anyone connected with it and yes, this insight craves implementation.

According to the non-ending energy of the Galactic Center, progress is at hand. Progress is always at hand.

Keep Watching The Skies!